This page is dedicated to testimonials from my clients. Here you can see what real clients have to say about me and what you can expect during a session.

For the past few years, I have been very focused on where I wanted to go in life. However, due to a few major changes, for several months now I’ve felt myself not as clear about what I really wanted. I went to see Nikki for a 30 minute psychic reading and was totally blown away! Everything was spot-on, and I got a ton of value out of our session. I left there with some good insight and some tactics for improving the quality of my business and emotional health. Will be a consistent client now and I highly recommend the psychic reading for anyone looking to improve their life in any area (or several areas).

-Matt Finch


I met Nikki through a close friend of mine over a year ago and wow am I lucky to have her in my life. She is EVERYTHING and more that you could ask for out of a psychic, spiritual healer and friend.  After speaking to many psychics for a long time and never meeting one that was spot on 24/7 I was blessed when she came into my life. She has been spot on about every single thing thus far. You are lucky if you can get an appointment with her as she is truly one of a kind.

-Dorothy Canton

I can’t say enough good things about my tarot readings with Nikki! From just the initial interaction, you’re immediately put at ease because she’s so sweet and calming and she manages to keep a positive perspective even when things get serious. I walked into my reading wanting Nikki and the cards to tell me exactly what was going to happen in my future to and what I needed to do to get the outcome I wanted. A lot of direct insight that she gave me about future conversations definitely came true. Even word for word at some point. However, this was balanced with the reassurance that I can make my life what I want to make of it and shouldn’t give into the idea that my future is already set. She also changed my perspective on certain ideas I had set in my mind. She also offered a lot of insightful questions to meditate on so I could figure out what I truly want in life.   

-Cari Duke

I have been going to Nikki for a few years now. One of my former coworkers recommended me to her since I was going through a very hard time in my life. Ever since then I have not stopped going back. Nikki is so amazing at what she does. She is very professional, punctual, super friendly and sweet. She makes it really easy to understand when she’s reading your cards. Apart from her doing my tarot card readings, I have built a friendship/relationship with her. And although it is my journey she has been such an amazing guide and friend in my life and I am very thankful for her. She has definitely been a big part of my growth, and has helped me get out of my comfort zone with a lot of things. I would 150% recommend Nikki for any tarot card readings.

–Marisol Arteaga

Nikki is amazing. The way she interprets the cards and messages is very natural. The symbolism on the cards makes sense. I went in without any experience with tarot card readings, thinking I wasn’t going to tell her anything, and see how well the cards could “read my mind” or something, but I quickly found that you can get better answers if you’re asking the right questions. She made it very fluid and easy for me to ask questions and listen to what the cards said, which brought up appropriate follow up questions. Overall it was enlightening and empowering. Thank you for sharing your gift Nikki!

– Lauren Empey