Astrology: Why its Important for Witches & Magick

What’s Your Sign?

Everyone loves astrology! But for those of us in the witchy community it relates to so much more than a daily horoscope. When you are a witch or someone who is interested in divination or self-growth work … Read More

Mugwort and Magick

Mugwort and Magick: 3 Unconventional Uses

Mugwort the Herb of Witches

Mugwort and magick go hand in hand. Traditionally it is known as the herb of witches who use it for protection and divination. It has a wide range of additional practices. These include smudging, cleansing, … Read More

tarot readings

Halloween Tarot Readings!

Tarot Readings for Halloween! If you’ve never had your tarot cards read before and you want to check it out, come see me on Halloween (October 31st) at Harbortown Pub in Point Loma. I will be reading cards for donations … Read More