Astrology: Why its Important for Witches & Magick

What’s Your Sign?

Everyone loves astrology! But for those of us in the witchy community it relates to so much more than a daily horoscope. When you are a witch or someone who is interested in divination or self-growth work … Read More

mirror gazing

Mirror Gazing: Connecting with the Dead

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

With Halloween approaching, many of us find ourselves getting into the holiday spirit. Some of us put up decorations inside and outside our homes. Some of us are hard at work on our costumes and … Read More

Angel Meditations and Celestial Celebrations

Angel Meditations and Celestial Celebrations

Angel meditations are a great way to celebrate the holidays.

I had the pleasure of being part of an Angel meditation last night and received messages I thought would be nice to share. Archangel Gabriel took me to the Hall … Read More