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Do You Have to be Psychic to Read Tarot Cards?

Divination is for Everyone!

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that you need to be psychic in order to read tarot cards properly. And for the record, this simply is not true. There are many working tarot readers … Read More

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Why Aren’t Tarot Readings Free?

Your question explained

Why aren’t tarot readings free? I get asked to do free readings by people more often than you would think. As I’m becoming more visible I’m getting these requests on a fairly consistent basis. While I do … Read More

December Oracle Forecast 2015

Your December Oracle Forecast – 2015

December Oracle Forecast 2015: If you’re feeling a little tied up or bound by obligations this December the problem is that you are not manifesting what YOU want for the holiday season. You’re ignoring your heart’s true desires in favor … Read More