Hibiscus: A Flower for Healing & Magick

A Colorful Beauty

I’ve always loved hibiscus flowers. Who wouldn’t? They’re absolutely beautiful! And when you look at them it’s easy to transport yourself off to a tropical island somewhere far, far away.

If you find yourself lucky enough to … Read More

red clover

Red Clover: Magickal & Medicinal Uses

Feel the Power!

Red Clover has a long history for both medicinal and magickal uses. Folklore links it links to trifoliums (three leaf plants) that are associated with the Triple Goddesses by the Pagans. But it was used in a … Read More


Thanksgiving Survival: Herbs for the Dark Side of the Holiday Weekend

Are you ready?

Thanksgiving is always a stressful time of year. The idea of it in theory is great. Get all of your relatives and loved one’s together in one place to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.  Make … Read More

Mugwort and Magick

Mugwort and Magick: 3 Unconventional Uses

Mugwort the Herb of Witches

Mugwort and magick go hand in hand. Traditionally it is known as the herb of witches who use it for protection and divination. It has a wide range of additional practices. These include smudging, cleansing, … Read More

Keep Cool

How to Keep Cool This Summer – Naturally

What to do when things get hot…

Whatever neck of the woods you live in, summers are usually hot. And not all of us have the benefit of air conditioning in our homes. Last year it was record breaking heat … Read More

herbal medicine kit

Herbal Medicine Kits – Summer Travel Essentials

Always pack the essentials.

An herbal medicine kit is an important and essential part of any trip. Personally, I LOVE to travel. If I have the time off and funds available you can find me on the nearest plane or … Read More