Collecting Storm Water – A Guide for Weather Witches

collecting storm water

When it Rains, it Pours!

Growing up in the Southwest, collecting storm water or watching the weather was never something I paid particular attention to. Especially because I wasn’t a magickal person just yet. But since my return last year I’ve really been connecting to the powerful storms here in Arizona. Being a witch in the desert is a whole new world compared to when I was a kid. There are so many elements to work with and incorporate into my magickal workings.

When a monsoon moves in, the air completely changes. If I reach out towards it I can feel my hands absorbing the energy. And it vibrates with electricity I haven’t felt before. It seems to add power to what I already have access too. By collecting storm water, you now have a simple way to add an extra punch to any spell.

Nature graciously provides us with some pretty powerful tools. Tools that many people tend to overlook! As witches have become a part of mainstream culture, many of them gravitate to magickal stores for supplies instead of taking a more organic approach. We have somehow forgotten that magick doesn’t have to be complicated or include fancy items in order to work. Storm water in particular is a pretty versatile ingredient to have in your apothecary. And on top of that, collecting storm water is free and easy!

How to collect Storm Water

  • Place a clean glass jar outside during the storm to catch the water. Once it’s full bring it inside and strain out any unnecessary debris. (ex: leaves, sticks, etc.) If you want to collect a larger amount of water, set something out with a wider mouth like a clean pot or bucket.
  • You many also want to charge or cleanse the water before you store it for use. Keep in mind that you can also infuse it with specific properties or intentions depending on how you would like to use it. Feel free to do whatever feels good for you and your magickal practice. And as always, please be aware of rainwater collection laws in your area.
  • Make sure you always label the storm water! For example: Shower, storm, gale, light drizzle, thunderstorm, lightning storm or even hurricane!
  • If the storm system has a specific name you could add this to the label as well as the date and time if you wish. Be sure to store it out of direct sunlight!

Storm water Magical Uses

Storm water can be used to cleanse, purify, banish and protect. Below are some great examples of how you can do this.


This water can be sprinkled over any object, on a person, or added to natural cleaning supplies to refresh a space. Many witches use herbs, magickal ingredients and essential oils mixed with water to keep their homes energetically clean.

Ritual Baths

Storm water is a powerful ingredient that you can add to your ritual bath. It can be used for protection, clearing and also amplifying your magickal powers.

Protective House Wash

Add this magickal ingredient to a bucket of warm water, herbs or essential oils to wash down your doors or walls. This will help cleanse and protect your personal space or repel any nasties that seem to have wanted in.


You can add a splash of storm water to any sort of banishing spell to give it an extra punch. This can be sprinkled on herbs, rubbed on the outside of candles and spritzed over any type of written spell work you are doing.


During any kind of healing you can sprinkle some storm water onto a person to purify and protect their energy. You can also use it on yourself for the same effect.

Alter Water

Every Alter should have each element represented. Storm water can be used in this position for your magickal working space.

For Extra Punch

Lightening Water is the most powerful storm water you can collect. If you have this in your apothecary, know that it will be much stronger than other storm waters, so use each one according to the intensity that you need.


6 thoughts on “Collecting Storm Water – A Guide for Weather Witches

  1. Amanda says:

    Can you collect lightning rain after it has been in the sun? We had a great thunderstorm 2 nights ago and I have a bucket full but it’s been in the sun already.

    • Nikki Wood says:

      That’s a great question! I would say it depends because the sun is another element that’s creating its own charge. You’re essentially trying to work with water and fire at the same time which cancel each other out. You could always try and see how it goes. But I would be sure to charge it in the moonlight first to balance out some of the fire energy. Test it on a smaller spell first to make sure it’s strong enough and displays the characteristics of the storm you collected it from. If it seems like it’s working then you’re probably good to go.

  2. Olivia says:

    Hi! I’ve collected some storm water from a rather powerful storm and have it placed in a glass jar, is there anything I can add to the water to keep it powerful and charged? Any crystals, leaves, etc?

    • Nikki Wood says:

      That sounds like an amazing jar of storm water to have! You can add anything to it that you intuitively feel like it needs. But the water itself has a lot of power on it’s own. If it were me, I would keep it out of direct heat or light. I’d put it in a special place (maybe near my alter where I work and there’s lots of magickal energy) and place some protective or amplifying crystals around the jar. Over time it’s possible that it can loose strength no matter what you do, so pay attention to it’s effectiveness in your spellwork as time passes.

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