Do You Have to be Psychic to Read Tarot Cards?

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Divination is for Everyone!

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that you need to be psychic in order to read tarot cards properly. And for the record, this simply is not true. There are many working tarot readers who are not connected to their psychic gifts. And they can still give you a solid reading in addition to providing the answers that you need.

I personally believe that everyone is psychic. It just comes easier to some of us than others. For those individuals who have not been able to tap into their psychic abilities yet, they can do so with some training. However it is a process and not everyone is interested in doing the work or developing this particular skill set.

How Tarot Cards Work without Psychic Abilities:

Assigned Meanings

Tarot cards have assigned meanings. Each card has several definitions when it is right side up as well as reversed (upside down). If you want to read tarot cards, you can simply memorize the meanings. The deck is comprised of 78 cards (21 major arcana & 4 suits) so it is not impossible to do if you work slowly in small sections.

Designated Spreads

The tarot cards have several standard spreads to choose from depending on what information you are trying to elicit. Many people create their own spreads as well. But for someone starting out I would recommend learning the basics first and then playing around from there. Each spread has a designated meaning for each position. So if you know the meaning of the card and the meaning of the position, you will be able to glean the proper message from the tarot cards.

Proper Interpretation – The primary job of any tarot reader is to interpret the cards correctly as they are laid out. The tarot will always provide us with the right answers. But it we get the meaning wrong we will ultimately deliver the message incorrectly. If you don’t know or understand a card, and cannot rely on a psychic lifeline to help you, please do not guess! There is no shame in double checking a meaning in your book. Or letting someone know you are having a difficult time making sense of the spread. If this occurs you can always throw down extra cards for validation or reshuffle for a new spread.

How Being Psychic Changes a Tarot Reading

Being psychic is a bonus for tarot reading but not a necessity. Utilizing your psychic senses when doing this type of work is basically like having a cherry on top of your sundae. It’s just that little extra!

When You Read a Card

When I look at a tarot card I have the advantage of not only knowing the meaning, but perhaps getting additional information from my psychic senses. My gifts allow me to hear messages from spirit about a particular issue or a specific card (clairaudience). They also allow me to see something else about the card that is relevant (clairvoyance). And often times I will just know the card means something special that is not related to the actual meaning of the card in any way (claircognizance).

When Choosing a Spread

When I am doing readings as a psychic it is my job to determine what type of spread I will need. This ensures my client gets the right information.  If you do not have psychic gifts at your disposal you will simply choose the best spread based on what it does. For me, I will often get flashes or impressions in my head of which spread the client needs as they are talking to me about their question.  This is quite helpful, especially when you have two spreads that will work just as well for the same question.

It is entirely possible to read tarot cards accurately with or without psychic abilities. My advice would be to work with your strengths and develop a style that works best with your specific skill set.  Know what type of tarot reader you are and market yourself as that. And don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. This way you will naturally draw people toward you that you are able to help. And they will appreciate your unique style of working.

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